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The CheckIT Suite Software provides digital multilingual surveys and supports the execution of surveys from planing, conducting to analysing. The application systems are on the one hand available online as part of our software-as-service system. On the other we support our customers with mobile apps that can be connected with the system. The CheckIT Suite is a software developed by SPS.
Retail Business Surveys
POS Customer Surveys
Mystery Visit Surveys
WLAN Guest Surveys
Trade Fair Surveys
Retail Surveys performed
Customer API Transactions

Key Facts

Professional Usage
It does not matter whether you would like to use the CheckIT Suite as software as a service or even self hosted. Feel free to start at one of our redundant, ready-to-use and SSL accessible servers hosted in Germany. For further questions please contact us today.
POS retail analyses
Your employee can use CheckIT Suite Retail to check and document services directly at each POS by filling out a questionnaire and taking photos. This data are made automatically available to the management or industrial partners.
Mobile App
The CheckIT Android App is typically used to perform surveys by testers in offline szenarios. Surveys are created and assigned from the CheckIT Web App to testers using the Mobile App. Executed surveys are made available in the cloud and can immediately be used for evaluation purposes.
Web App
The CheckIT Web App gets mainly used for survey management (creation, planing and administration). Survey evaluation and reporting tools to post-process surveys are also available online and have shown to be very powerful and easy to use.
Crowd Jobs
Crowd Jobs launch a new possibility to transfer the execution of surveys from own testers to a anonymous pool of testers, the so called crowd. Crowd Jobs are ideally suited for mystery shopping, in-time POS information, consumer reviews or price monitoring.
Business Intelligence Reporting
The Business Intelligence Reporting module BI reporting cost-effectively translates all collected review data into familiar, easy-to-use business views, providing the ideal reporting foundation for your business intelligence initiative. Use the BI reporting module for creating tactical ad hoc analyses or static business metrics.
Sometimes you’ll need to synchronize or integrate CheckIT Suite data with data that is stored in your systems (e.g. sync data from your CRM) CheckIT REST APIs provide a standard interface for interacting with our services.
Using the CheckIT Suite Notification Service you are able to send different kind of survey reports to inform your business unit or other persons in charge.

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